Doghanter translated to English means hunter dogs.Originally called doghanterami volunteers who carry out various activities for the extermination of stray dogs in the cities.If you think about the meaning - the idea is pretty good.It was on the street quickly become wild animals, get in packs, become aggressive and attack people.
Every year the number of people bitten by wild dogs is growing at 16.5%.Municipal authorities can not cope with the growing exponentially increasing dog packs.Volunteers come to the rescue.

Why disputes arose

The debate on the topic of good doghanterov occur regularly, and all because of volunteers doghantery turned into sadists.

After destroying stray do
gs is not so difficult.It is enough to catch them and take in special clinics that provide such services.Alternatively, you can reduce the number of stray dogs humanely, for example, vkolov them from special guns necessary preparations.However, modern

doghantery prefer other, more Jesuit methods.There are cases when they put human medicine for animals are dangerous poison in the food, which is a treat for the apparent stray mongrels.As a result, dogs are killed, but the death of their painful - this severe poisoning, and problems with internal organs, etc.
Because of ways to kill dogs suffer and pets.Those dogs that picked up "treat", and the owners do not have time to keep track die in terrible pain.

addition, doghantery not removed for a body of stray dogs.As a result, the bodies lying in the street, and substantially decomposed spoil the environment.

types doghanterov

Psychologists, sorting out the phenomenon of doghantery, they have found that they can be easily divided into groups.And only then will and understanding of who they are - murderers or orderlies.

Thus, the first group of physicians attributed the mentally ill and prone to sadism people.So anyway, who to kill.They are capable of destroying all life in their path.In addition, this includes those notorious people that prefer to vent their anger on the defenseless.By the way, these and use sophisticated methods in the fight against stray animals.

second category fighters yard dogs - those who are annoying paddock animals without collars, leashes and muzzles.His anger at the owners of pet dogs, they vent to stray.True, such doghantery choose methods are more humane than the sadists.After all, their purpose - to bring the yard in order and comply with the rules therein.