But it is dangerous for us the loss of trees on the planet

four billion hectares - this is the area, which is inhabited by all sorts of flora.But this figure is taken into account with the forest edges, plantations, roads, hills and mountains, of that number, only three billion trees.Simple arithmetic shows that one inhabitant of our planet by nature allocated 0.8 hectares.

small figure if we take into account that each year, and this stock is getting smaller.We all know that the trees - it makes up for life, but even this fact does not save us from ecological disaster. What awaits mankind in such a case?

value trees

Trees provide oxygen to our planet by recycling of the carbo

n dioxide that we and our brothers smaller exhale throughout life.

Trees provide oxygen planet

Through the trees in the world are supported by favorable climatic conditions for life, which contributes to the released trees into the atmosphere moisture.The roots of trees draws water out of the ground, thus, support the water resources in a state of constant motion.Reducing the number of trees, moving the nightmare of the human race - the ozone hole to capture an even greater territory.

  • In the industrial sector the role of trees can not be underestimated, as they are used in different areas of food and non-manufacturing.

But apart from purely scientific and technological processes, the trees are aesthetic benefit.They give peace of mind, the muse of poets and artists, the joy of being close to nature.

The forest - a unique natural treasure, the forest is appreciated

forest preserves countless plant and animal species, many of which can exist in different conditions.

world needs to understand that careless use of natural resources will be a real nightmare for our future generations, as every year we lose thirteen billion hectares of forest, and grows only six hectares.Now we can not feel the loss.But the time will come when the great-grandchildren will say reproachfully how thoughtlessly we wasted all the wealth that has given the planet.One only has to think about this, and we can change something.