Americans have developed some of the stereotypes about Russian.But they are far from the worst, as many think.Americans believe the most beautiful women in the world is Russian women.In the understanding of the American, Russian woman - a woman with a three-dimensional shape, with make-up, well-dressed.This woman knows how to work and very tasty cooking.According to the American people, a Russian woman does nothing that prepares a lot and very tasty.

As for Russian men, Americans consider them rich, affected dashing 90-s, when

the US was forced to meet with the "new Russian".Also, Americans consider them strong, physically healthy and strong.But in spite of this, according to residents of every American Russian man - an alcoholic.

Russian food.The Americans are not aware of quite a rich selection of Russian dishes.They know only the soup, dumplings, pancakes, jelly.Russian restaurants in America is, but Americans are wary of such foods.If someone from the Americans managed to try real Russian pies, they were confident that they are best prepared just Russian women.As for drinks, it is, of course, vodka, in the opinion of Americans drink it everything Russian, and in large quantities.

Russian rule.The Americans believe that the Russian disregard all laws, particularly the rules of the SDA.In this, Americans are likely to be right, since Russia is a huge concentration of reckless drivers.

Americans believe that in Russia, wild bears walk everywhere.If an American came to Moscow and did not find the bear, he thinks that in any case there are wild animals somewhere in the country.

Russian smile.Americans believe that the Russian people are very sad and closed.Most likely, this opinion has been formed due to the fact that the Americans are very smiling.American smile very often feigned.They are taught this from childhood, and no Russian.Therefore, in comparison with the Russian Americans smile often.