Ever since caveman people searched most attractive conditions for their existence.Sitting in a comfortable life habitat, man gradually wasted food, water and mineral resources of nature.
Therefore, living in the same separate territory threatened by famine.People were forced to climb on, stepping into new, unexplored land.In the future, human needs have increased.For lack of food added the need to create weapons and clothing, in the production of building materials.It spodviglo people move on.The need has become a major cause of biological expansion.Now this kind of expanding the boundaries of the environment is inherent in many animal populations.
Unlike some species of animals, people - a social being.Working with other nati
ons, the people dealing with their cultural values.Through the exchange of experience of the people familiar with the life and culture of other countries.Some elements of the culture of the host, some - completely replaced the traditions and customs of other countries.Currently, there is expansion of the cultural values ​​of the West in Russia.Russian population avidly absorbs style of communication, fashion, art and culture of European countries.Scientists cultural studies and political scientists argue about the possible dangers of expansion to the west.Some activists believe: the impact of Europe can fully absorb the development of traditional Russian culture.
ethnic expansion entails the expansion of economic and political range.With this kind of expansion is related most conquest, colonization and war.Ethnic expansion is a matter of debate among scholars historians.Some of them argue that the expansion of political boundaries due to the increasing number of population.People getting crowded on the territory occupied by him, and the rulers there is a need to connect to their state additional land.Other scientists argue.They believe that the conquerors enslave other countries because of the desire to increase their political influence and power.
phenomenon of expansion is currently poorly known.It lies at the junction of several sciences: humanities, biological and social.That is why academics still debate about the origin and causes of the phenomenon.