Thanksgiving Day - not just a holiday with family feasts and delicious dishes, which are collected only the relatives.It is also a day in which everyone can express their gratitude for all the neighbors, what good has happened in his life for a year.The tradition of this festival has its origins in the distant historical past of the United States.

The tradition

start of the holiday put the English settlers who came to the shores of the New World in November 1620 and founded the first English colony.Winter finds them new to their shores, proved to be extremely harsh.More than half of immigrants have died from disease, hunger and cold.When spring came, the settlers tried to grow a new crop, but rocky soil their efforts could n
ot be crowned with great success.Then they were rescued from the local Indians located within walking distance of the tribe.They show the English how to cultivate the land and what crops to grow on it.

reward for work and all the hardships endured in the first months, became a bountiful harvest.People do not die of hunger and lack of food in the winter months, so the residents of the colony decided to celebrate the event.They have prepared a hearty dinner and invited to his table of local Indians to share a meal with them, thanking them and God for their salvation.Occasion was caught and fried four large birds, later called turkeys.It is this bird has become an integral part of the holiday.

Thus, the first Thanksgiving is not only give thanks for the help, but was associated with holiday and abundant harvest.Since Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States in late November, he legalized it among the national holidays of the first president of the then young country - George Washington.

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving taken to prepare a rich meal of the same set of products, which was once on the tables of persons: roast turkey, pumpkin and pumpkin pie, corn, roasted chestnuts, nuts, oranges and apples.For lunch, going to all the members of a large family, usually older relatives invite the whole family to his home, where it is the main celebration.Before the beginning of dinner, all told, for which they are thankful on this day that momentous had happened in their lives over the past year.Thanksgiving Day in America, opens the season of winter holidays and family feasts, which lasts the whole of December until the New Year.

this day festive parades across the country, depicting scenes from history and showing Native Americans - Indians and settlers in the costumes of that distant era.Across the country, are acts of charity to help poor people and orphans.And at this time begin Pre sales in stores across the country.