Social services as the economic component of society

Social structure is a set of social systems, iegroups of people united by a certain feature.From the point of view of the economy, the social sphere is defined as a complete system of relations between social groups, different socio-economic status, attitude to property, role in the organization of social labor.Social groups can be labor groups, classes, gender and age groups.

Social protection is seen as a set of economic sectors, enterprises and organizations united to maintain the standard of living and optimal distribution of economic benefits between groups of people.For the social sector are social public policy, health care system, social welfare of various groups of the population, housing and communal infrastruc
ture, transport infrastructure, education, activities of non-governmental organizations, cultural characteristics of society.The economic policy of the state in the social sphere is aimed at the redistribution of state revenues, taking into account the interests of socially fragile, needy groups of citizens.

Social services includes the following concepts:
- social relations (relations between the established groups of people for the exchange and sharing of the benefits of division of labor, participation in social life);
- social activity (labor, political, social, cultural);
- social institutions (education, health, etc.).

There are small and large social institutions of society.The first group includes the family, bringing people together.The second group - governments, institutions and organizations.

definition of social in social philosophy

The social philosophy of the social sphere is treated as a set of relations that define a person as a social being.Social services combines the vital interests of the people.From its state depends on the quality of life and balance in social relations.An integral part of the social sphere are the social processes and phenomena, as well as activities aimed at addressing emerging problems between groups in society.

There are two main functions of the social sphere: human development and social stability.An important feature of the social sphere is the social mobility - shift of people from one social groups and strata in others.Thus, the social sphere appears as a sphere of society, uniting people's attitudes to meet the domestic, cultural and emotional needs.