Alcohol dependence - is not just a private affair rights.From this very suffering and the family of the alcoholic.In addition, experts estimate that half of all recorded offenses, includingand very serious, it was carried out not sober.Road accidents, beatings, murder, robbery, rape - the list are endless.A number of children were born handicapped because of the fact that their parents are actively drinking, thousands.

Alcohol addiction also causes economic decline, leading to disruptions in production.In addition, alcohol has a detrimental effect on human health, leading to the development of diseases, premature aging, poor appeara

Alcohol in Russia

Traditionally, Russian people drink a lot.Even Russians often called the most drinking nation.After all, imagine a holiday without a bottle of something intoxicating, many Russian simply can not.Weak alcoholic beverages, such as beer or cocktails, allow yourself to eat even pregnant and nursing mothers.And all this despite the fact that Russia's alcohol results in the death of half a million people annually.

According to statistics, about 80% of crimes committed in the Russian Federation in a drunken stupor.Children lose their parents and end up in the orphanage also often due to the fact that last drink almost soundly.In addition, not only adults are exposed to this addiction - more than 80% of teenagers in Russia drink.

In economic terms the country is also seriously affected by the alcoholism of the population, down by 1 trillion 700 billion p.a year due to various downtime, missed deadlines, payment of benefits for victims of "drunken" accident, etc.

Alcoholism world

Despite the fact that Russia is trying to present itself drinking, and the fact that statistical data is very disappointing, in fact the Russian Federation is not the most backward in this regard.Experts estimate and said that most drinking country is Moldova, where one resident of drinks per year on average slightly more than 18 liters of alcohol.Also among drinkers countries carried the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine.Do not stay aside Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Belarus and even prudish UK.

According to WHO, the program for the rehabilitation of alcoholics and to remedy the situation with alcohol in general budgeted 126 countries.

Europe suffers from alcoholism, no less than Russia.Thus, the damage to the economy of the European Union by abundant libations of its citizens is several hundred billion euros.And 2/3 of this amount - the cost of overcoming the problems associated with alcohol and the rest - the economic damage from the loss of productivity of the population.