To begin wash your hair and blow dry or towel.Remember that it is best kept piling it on clean hair.
most popular among those who like medium length hair clippers are "square" or "page".Lay them easy.Divide the hair parted in the middle pre-processed mousse or gel for styling.Take a thick round brush and brush your hair, tucking them inside.
Strands of wet hair treat with foam and wind in the mid-size rollers.Screw-on from front to back.After drying, the hair is also zacheshite back tinkering hands.Secure hair lacquer.
If you are young enough, then use the styling, which will give you some kind of light-headed.Strands of hair gel and soak using a hairdryer and a thin round brush, twist the ends of the strands in the outward direction.
Secure stacking varnish.
To achieve fluffy hair use, large heated rollers.Especially this will look good styling, if a layered haircut.
Make a smooth laying in force "retro".On damp hair, apply a little gel and zacheshite hair back.After that, the front of the hair using a round brush and hair dryer to make waves with his inside.Secure stacking varnish.
Make youth stacking.Gather hair into a bun and secure at the back, using a bobby pin.At the ends of hair, apply some styling gel and fan them.Sbryznete for stability varnish.
Divide hair parted in the front and sides, make two tail with rubber bands.Then hide gum wrapped their hair.The front sections of hair when the hair styles should remain free.Secure stacking varnish strong fixation.
rear lift up strands of hair and roll shell.The front part of the hair gel and apply on hair curlers curl.Dry the hair and remove the curlers, being careful not to damage the strands.Sbryznete hair lacquer.
Remember, it all depends on your imagination.The average length of hair is useful precisely so that, if necessary, you can create almost any installation.