Suffer the first two days after perm and try not to wash your hair, not dry hair hairdryer, not collect them in the tail and not cheat on curlers.Only in this case your locks are obtained beautiful and not disperse, becoming fluff.
Dry hair after chemistry desirable naturally, have to comb them, using a large comb without pulling down.Hair after irons require more careful maintenance.Be sure to use the air conditioner after washing your hair and choose the right shampoo, after consulting with a knowledgeable professional.
To view your hair was unsurpassed, easy to use gel to create the effect of wet hair spray for natural styling, shine or gloss wax to separate the strands.
had a perm, have to regularly restore, nourish and moisturi
ze the hair .To do this, fit a variety of masks.For example, the mask, which consists of five components: Take a tablespoon of mayonnaise, honey, cognac and burdock or castor oil.Mix it all, adding egg yolk and apply on the scalp for at least an hour.The effect will not take long.
not paint hair immediately after procedures, wait at least 3 days.Prefer paints have a mild effect.
to tame the morning disheveled hair , it is necessary to apply mousse to damp hair washed , after then comb their clenched hands.Shape the curls in her hair, and let them dry.Then you pick up the gel wax, slightly warm and distribute in his hands.Squeeze the locks his hands, trying to rub the gel wax through the hair.As a result, you get wavy hair .Wash your hair the next morning, not necessarily better than a comb hair comb with large teeth and rub a little gel.
Do not use the cheapest means of hair care, remember that your hair - an important part of your beauty for years to come.