Mount Mithridates - one of the attractions of the city of Kerch, the height of the mountains as high as 92 meters, it can be seen from all points of the city.From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a wonderful view of Kerch Bay and the surrounding area of ​​the city.To get to the top of the mountain you need to go through Mitridatskoy stairs in her 436 steps.It named the mountain called Pontic King Mithridates VI Eupator, and on its slopes located its capital - Panticapaeum.This ancient king with young people afraid of poisoning, so take a little bit of the poison so that his body has developed immunity.Mithridates was a powerful ruler, and even fought with Rome.As a result, a third of the war he was defeated army commander Gnaeus Pompey.After the defeat of Mithridates returned to his capital - Panticapaeum to gather strength and to organize a new army.But he gave his own son, the army rebelled and
threatened captivity.Trying to avoid the shame of captivity, the king took poison, after slaying the daughters on him, but the poison had no effect.Then Mithridates asked his servant to kill himself with the sword.Thus died Mithridates, and the mountain gained its name.
you can see the ruins of the ancient Greek settlement Panticapaeum, the capital of the Bosporus, the largest in ancient times handicraft and trade center of the Northern Black Sea.Mount Mithridates, in addition to ancient legends, monuments and stores more modern.Here is the Obelisk of Glory to immortal heroes.It is dedicated to the generals and officers, sergeants and privates Independent Coastal Army and sailors of the Azov Flotilla, and all the soldiers who died a hero's death for the liberation of Crimea in November 1943 - April 1944. The obelisk installed before the end of the war, after the liberation of Kerch as a result of the Crimean offensive operation.This is the first monument to dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War.Since April 11 is celebrated as the day of liberation of Kerch.
For many kerchan Mithridates represents the holy place.From here starts the glorious history of the city of Kerch.Gore has preserved many ancient mysteries and secrets, giving a permanent job archaeologists different countries.Each piece of her land abundantly watered with blood defenders during the Great Patriotic War.Standing here and looking from the heights of the city, stops the heart, you know that it depends on you, what will be left descendants - the memory of the unique history of his native city, its military and labor glory.