you need
  • are plain scissors;
  • -filirovochnye scissors;
  • -zazhimy A hair;
  • -rascheska.
Torn bangs is ideal for those women who have heavy, broad chin.Combine this with a ragged fringe haircut.This will further emphasize your style and create an attractive, eye-catching image.
Torn bangs can be both trim and without.But the differences in her modeling appear only at the last stage.The first steps for both types of bangs are the same.Of the tools you will need ordinary scissors and shears for cutting out, comb and clips.
Wet hair and carefully comb them.Draw the boundaries of the future bangs.Its width should not go beyond the boundaries of his forehead.Exceptions are those cases where the general form of hairstyle requires bangs, which
will go to the temple basin.Depth bangs (that is, how high parted to do) depends on how thick you want it.For ragged bangs make a triangular or rectangular parting.The rest of the hair lock clamps so they do not interfere with mowing.
sostrig bang teeth to the desired length.They can be small or large.The second option is suitable only for thick bangs when you do high parting.To get the kinks deepen hair scissors and cut them at different levels.As for the length, which is being wanted to leave, do it the way you want.But do not forget that the fringe is dry and slightly tilts up.Iecut the hair slightly below the desired length.
Vertical parting split bangs on about a centimeter wide locks.Tighten each between your fingers and pull the perpendicular face.The fingers should be on the site of the shortest hair strands.That would go beyond the palm sostrig straight cut.Profiling the hair on your discretion and dry bang.
If you want to trim the ragged fringe, then after you make teeth (line bang does not have to be straight, it may be oblique, semi-circular, etc.), profiling a bang.The degree of tapering depends on your desires.Comb your hair down and align them.This can be done as a sheet scissors, and their tips, vystrigaya small teeth.Now you just need to dry the bangs.