First you need to decide on the shade.It may be light brown ash and warm with a golden sheen.It is important to take into account the skin type, color eyes and focus on your natural color .If your hair is initially warm shades, then repainted in the cold is not necessary.It can visually spoil color face.
The hardest thing will be owners of the dark and black hair, especially if they are painted rather than natural color well.First you need to wash the color , that hair became almost white.Doing this at a time is not necessary - you can greatly harm the hair and scalp.Then Brown color will not be able to brighten up the dry-burned hair.
lighten hair is better to do for 3-4 hours depending on the initial and color.If you want
a light brown color , without damaging the hair at the same time, it is best to consult a specialist.Of course, multiple visits to the salon significant impact on your financial status, but you can get the desired color no questionable experiments.
If your natural color hair similar to light brown, and you are determined to become the owner of a long light brown hue, you can be patient and grow your natural color .Then it will be much easier to change a little shade, and it almost does not hurt the hair.
Owners red hair is better not to think about the cold shades of light brown.Hair will also have to clarify, possibly in several stages.Get white color not work - will be yellow or orange.Therefore, Brown color staining is necessary to choose a warm color.
natural blonde luck in this matter the most.To choose the right shade of light brown desired, you can first experiment with shading tonics that just do not tie yourself to a specific color have.They are washed away in just a few times.Then, determine if you can already choose resistant paint you liked color.