manager must gain working staff, define their responsibilities, to monitor the availability of professional staff and the timely payment of wages.Builds hierarchical relationships between employees and the work on staff motivation.The manager should be sensitive interests of its employees and to be able to encourage them to high productivity.This work takes into account personal data and the ability of each of the employees: their achievements and the most effective area of ​​activity.
set goals and develop strategies.A plan.
Effective management means optimal use of resources to achieve these goals.At the same time the main task is a continuous process and achieve the targeted sales.The purpose of management - constantly strive to improve the income and the volume of production, minim
izing costs and potential additional costs.
are analyzed.The company constantly carries out predictions for what areas may develop, and looking for ways to achieve the maximum profit growth.The company evaluates its achievements and shortcomings, and also seeks to take into account the interests of the main consumers.Key issues that takes into account management - is the activity of competitive companies, the economic conditions in the country, and in some cases, and foreign policy situation.Management aims to predict the risks of their tasks and to achieve stability in a constantly changing market position of competitors.
organization and monitoring of the effectiveness of the company.The tasks include the management to organize the smooth operation of the enterprise.Particular attention should be paid to raising the level of qualification.The activity of the company should be carried out in accordance with accepted standards and maintained with the main objectives of the enterprise.The leader should strive to be impartial and demanding at the same time to the operating personnel, as well as to create the most comfortable working conditions.
development of enterprise in the future.Management involves the development of the concept of development of the company.Monitors the market, there is a constant analysis of competition and consumer demand.On the basis of these data are arranged short and long-term plans, as well as the search for the necessary resources to implement them.Thus the profit of the company largely depends on the production and sales activities.To do this, you must take into account the financing costs and labor costs, time costs, and including the endeavor to reduce energy costs and materials required to produce products.