Arson Reichstag building February 27, 1933 Nazi official propaganda has been called "the most horrific terrorist attack in the history of the Bolshevik."In fact, as it turned out later - that arson was the most terrible in the history of the Nazi provocation.

Background arson

Resisting the Nazis and the Communists at the time Hitler came to power in Germany reached its climax.And she and the other party had a fairly strong support in the community and a pretty solid representation in the Reichstag.According to the number of seats in parliament, though the Nazis had a significant advantage.But in the case of unification of Communists with Social Democrats, this advantage
would be lost easily.

Well aware of this, Hitler almost immediately after his appointment as head of government appealed to German President Hindenburg to ask for the dissolution of the current composition of the Reichstag and the announcement of early elections.This permit he received.New elections were scheduled for March 5.But there are no guarantees that the National Socialists win a majority of seats in parliament was not.Therefore, the closest associates of Hitler - Dr. Goebbels decided to discredit the main opponents of the Nazi Party on the eve of elections.

Reichstag fire and its consequences

late evening February 27, 1933 all German radio station made an emergency message that about 21-30 in the Reichstag building, the result of arson, broke out a large fire at the scene and was arrested by policeDutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe, who has confessed to the crime.

As it turned out later, Van der Lubbe was never in the Communist Party of the Netherlands, but then this is a few people interested.

In addition, it became known that the fire was of such force could not make a man.When viewed from the burned building was found to be in its various areas were laid flammable materials, which are then set on fire using flares.This fact plays into the hands of the Nazis.That same night in Berlin swept the first wave of arrests of members of left-wing parties.The next day, were released by the Office of Goebbels fabricated documents that allegedly pointed to training in the country the Bolshevik revolution and the outbreak of civil war.They persuaded the aged President Hindenburg to issue a special decree "On the protection of the state and the population in Germany", which is completely untied hands of punitive bodies.

As a result, the Communist Party was banned, the newspaper closed all left-wing and arrested thousands of innocent people.And to give "the impending plot" international character, were thrown into prison was then in Germany, the Bulgarian Communists.

Despite the existence of irrefutable evidence of innocence in the burning down of all defendants in the case, except van der Lubbe, in December 1933 in Leipzig held a loud trial.

German court had not yet been fully subordinated to the Nazis.Therefore, at the Leipzig process it was passed only one death sentence Marinus van der Lubbe, and some even accused were acquitted.

the Nazis again gained a majority in parliament in elections on March 5 but using the presidential decree simply expelled from Parliament deputies from the left-wing parties.