Tip 1: How to lighten dark hair dyed

Often, women flaunt before hair in dark tones, suddenly decided to radically change her appearance and make her hair a few shades lighter.In order to lay down a new color and well entrenched, it is necessary, first of all, to lighten your hair, and then use the new paint.How to lighten up, dark-colored hair?There are some tips following which you will be able to achieve the desired result.
Hair coloring is always damages their structure, so made the wrong lighting can lead to dryness, breakage and loss.In order to avoid such undesirable consequences of your experiments with his looks, it is better to apply to the hair salon.Usually for this purpose professionals use so-called "Blondirujushchy a wash," which includes blondoran, oxidizer, water and shampoo.
Lighten previously dyed hair should be gradual.

It is necessary to paint only the regrowth of hair, each time selecting a paint for a couple of shades lighter than the color.

We should not handle ends that you have painted b
efore, otherwise you will damage them.Thus, gradually lightening roots, eventually you will achieve your desired light tone.
There are also several popular recipes.Use such radical methods, such as hydrogen peroxide or bleaching gidroperita very dangerous, so it is better not to have recourse.Use natural remedies, such as honey and lemon juice, they certainly will not hurt you, unless, of course, you do not have allergies.
To lighten your hair using lemon or honey, you must first wash and dry them.Then apply honey or lemon juice through the hair and put a thin scarf.Keep this mask takes about ten hours, so it's best to do it at night.Clarification will undergo mainly regrowth with your natural color, so you have to be clarified gradually over a long period of time.
Lighten hair can, using camomile tea after every hair wash.This method is more effective than the previous one, and will not cause an allergic reaction.

Tip 2: How to lighten your hair a few shades

Women tend to transformations in appearance, especially many like to change the color of the hair on the other, darker, or, conversely, bright.Some want to be out of the red-haired brunettes, others - simply lighten your natural color a few shades .You can do this by using hydrogen peroxide.
How to lighten your hair a few shades
you need
  • - cup (glass, porcelain, wood, plastic);
  • - wooden stick;
  • - cotton swab;
  • - Brush;
  • - gloves;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - ammonium bicarbonate;
  • - a balm for the hair;
  • - shampoo;
  • - comb.
Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide required concentration.For thick coarse hair take 8-12% solution for fine and rare enough, and 4-8%.Number of diluted peroxide is also important.For a long thick head of hair is required to prepare a mixture of clarifying more.Focus on the following: 50-60 mL for medium length hair.
Now take a porcelain or glass dish, can be plastic, wood, as long as it was not made of metal, which may start a chemical reaction with hydrogen peroxide.Also prepare a cotton swab, brush and wooden stick for stirring the mixture, gloves.
Spread desired amount of water at the rate of 30 ml of water, 40 ml of peroxide, add 20 g of liquid soap and 1 tspammonium bicarbonate.Stir with a wooden stick.
Lubricate the skin around the edge of hair cream and put it on the shoulders of a towel or cover with a sheet.Comb your hair , separate them parted.Begin to apply lightening mixture.Do it quickly, because it acts immediately after contact with the hair, and it may happen that lighten uneven strands.
first moisten the back of the head, then quickly spread with a cotton swab or brush lightening mixture over the entire length, you can use a comb, if you short hair.Just do not forget that the metal objects are forbidden.
After the peroxide is evenly applied to the hair , wait no more than 30 minutes.Cover your head with polyethylene, and even more so with a towel, you can not - you can burn hair .Follow the process of clarification, when you get the right tone, rinse with a mixture of warm water.Then apply a balm for a few minutes and wash your hair.
can lighten your hair with special paints sold in cosmetic departments, so they do not burn the hair and easy to use.It is enough to read the instructions in the package insert.
Helpful Hint
Since hydrogen peroxide dries hair, making them brittle, then look after them carefully.Do moisturizing mask, eat properly, do not expose to prolong sun.
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