short hair.In the chronic lack of time - the best option.However, the dream will not work, as the maximum that can be done from a short hairstyle, change the direction of the hair.To, for example, put a short bangs to the side or lift up, you must resort to the help of wax.It forms a fine individual strands, sharp ends and copes with even the most unruly hair.If you need to remove the strands back, it is best to use the gel.Just do not get carried away, not to get the effect licked hair.Many men are attracted to short haircuts because of the ease of care, however, not every such haircut to face.
-length hair.If you - a fan of
retro style, then cook as Elvis Presley, you can do with a little fleece and mousse.If you need only a stylized retro, it is possible to emphasize the silhouette of Coca chaotic strands, which form a perfect wax.In addition, you can do an imitation of Coca raised up bangs.If you - a lover of classical music, you is fine haircut "Bob".Stack it is also quite simple: just give your hair from the nape of the neck area - in all directions without parting.You can make the hair hair to hair: when it is better to use mousse and hair dryer with a round-nozzle comb.It can be chaotic styling: with this mission perfectly cope gel or wax.In case if you - an adherent of the extreme, the punk hairstyle - for you.Instead of the classic acute Iroquois can just freely lay strands of hair from the nape of the neck in the direction forehead.Let them fall down on your face.This will help you in wax and foam for hair.Of course, the classical methods of laying Iroquois beer with sugar has not been canceled, but if you get in addition to the Iroquois in addition very peculiar smell.
Long hair.Most often, such a length is chosen men of creative professions.This hairstyle can be worn with bangs and parted or not.Gives hair a light effect rastrepannosti help fluid styling (spray) or wax.Bangs can be put on the face so that it covers one eye.Only the parting is not needed.Hair should be put in the direction of the neck to the forehead, highlighting strands wax.You can make a smooth and parted in the middle, slightly sprinkled with liquid hand styling, clean hair back, as if stroking herself from the ears to the neck.