mechanisms of social management of large and small group studies the sociology of management, using a variety of scientific methods.The researchers divided the methods of sociology into two types: general scientific and specialized.The first group contains the induction and deduction, analysis, synthesis, and other well-known scientific methods.But the second is worth considering in more detail.


When using this method to collect data is methodically and systematically, the events are recorded systematically by direct contact with the object of study.This method is appropriate in the study or the formation of a new team, to highlight pote
ntial leader or an outsider, the formation of teams (in particular when working with the personnel reserve).

social experiment

Acting on an object with the help of certain factors and indicators carried out monitoring of changes indications and actions.Social experiments in groups and managed commonalities began to be used only in the 21st century, with the first studies of this kind have been met with hostility, the voice of the people described them as "human experimentation", while this method is very fine-proven.So, one of the tricks of the method, which is widely used business leaders, is banal brainstorming, personnel officers have resorted to stress the interview, and the heads of relevant departments - the organization of non-core tasks.

method biographies

painstaking research of human life, using documents and heirlooms, historical facts, including the mouth of the subject, interviews and survey data.This method is used to exclude pereviraniya facts, embellishing their man.It is little used in the management and is, rather, a means of diagnosis of personality and strength of its role in the team.

generalized characteristics

method is based on the collection of opinions and views on the subject and its merits and demerits of the people around him.Often, this method causes the formation of research manipulative tactics management team.

Pairwise comparisons

Using this method is typed group of subjects in which participants are divided into pairs.Respondents choose the correct answer in their view or option, and then compares the dependent variable pairs.According to sociologists, to determine the preferences using scales, questionnaires and surveys more difficult than to compare two objects.

method of ideal types

According to Weber's theory, the founder of the method, the ideal type - a utopia, something idealized.It was necessary to conform to the ideal given the typical class.This method does not accept the assumptions, checks, it contains provisions for the investigation of a particular unique.

focus group

method offers a limited number of individuals in the group to identify and describe the problem on their own.Often used in large collectives.where you need to work out a complex or creative non-standard solution.It can not be the main method of control, and thus considered as a subsidiary, accompanying diagnosed.

ideal method for high-grade results in sociology does not exist, you can achieve great results, but using all the methods together.