Usual braid called spike, she drags the two strands of hair.Variable shifts a small portion of hair from one strand to another.Originality different pigtails , woven of four or five strands.In this case, the braid them individually given feature - they have a common strand, located in the middle of weaving.
most popular is the so-called Greek Spit.Apply a small amount of foam or styling mousse to damp hair washed.Dry their hair dryer.Then divide the hair into two parts transverse parting - from ear to ear.To the remaining mass of hair did not interfere in the future, secure it with a clamp.Then select the lock of hair above his left ear, divide it into three parts and begin to weave a normal spike, adding new locks alternately left and right.To make it more convenient zacheshite entire front part of the mass
in the direction of hair braiding braids.Bring the spike to the right ear.Then the rest of the usual mass of hair braid plait.Mask off the tip with the help of hairpins.You can leave the rest of the hair loose, a combination of the Greek oblique looks very impressive.
Braiding "fish tail" does not take long, though from the outside and think what to do with their hands like that is simply impossible.Divide the hair into two equal parts for the parting.Take a thin lock of hair from the left side and connect with the part of the Right.Then select the thin strand from the right side of the head of hair and connect with the same from the left.Proceed to the end of the length of the hair.This hairstyle is very similar in appearance fishtail.
Pigtails "dragon" create the illusion of lush hair, trailing them at a distance of five centimeters from -Six hairline.Make a horizontal parting formed in the front strand is divided into 3 parts and begin to weave a normal braid.As weaving grab a comb with a little loose hair from each side and add them to the main plait.When the braid is complete, secure it with a rubber band, and proceed to the next weaving.Got a lot of braids screw inside or at the back gather in one large braid.This kind of weaving suited to owners of medium length hair.