Get special smoothing shampoo for unruly hair.They are heavier hair, smooth protruding scales, giving shine and easier to comb.Be sure to use the balm-conditioner after hair mytya.Esli lush what is damaged, apply a leave-in smoothing them conditioner or cream.
Make regular hair masks.Clean excessive pomp and heavier curls oil mask.Cosmetic oil (burdock, almond, apricot, etc.) Strengthens the hair structure, making them healthy and strong.Oil is applied to the roots and distributed throughout the hair.Head polyethylene wrap and wrap a towel.The greatest effect of the mask is when it is kept under a warm towel, so you need from time to time to heat it.
Wash your hair properly.In many ways, the s
plendor of hair is a result of their injuries.Do not rub the hair, it spoils their protective layer leads to delamination of the upper scales.From this hair loses shine, and the hair becomes porous and fluffy.Do not rub the wet strands with a towel to prevent damage.Remove excess moisture with them should be wrung soft movements.Do not brush wet hair, it is also very harmful.It is better to wait until they are dry.
Use of folk remedies to deal with the splendor hair.After washing, rinse the hair light beer, adding a few drops of olive oil.Beer strengthen hair and oil make them heavier and hence smooth.Beer odor is not a problem, it disappears very quickly, until the hair dries.
Use a mask of egg yolk, which also can add a little cosmetic oils.The yolk smooths unruly hair, makes them shine.
Try rinsing with honey and beer (1 tsp of honey to 0.5 liters of lager).It means struggling with fragility and splendor of hair at a time.Rinse hair with this remedy is necessary after each wash for a month or more.
Right lush hair irons or lie with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush.Such stacking as a means to combat unruly hair, should not be used on a daily basis.But if the hair is healthy, it is possible from time to time to lay them hot.