Curler Velcro can cheat on dry and on a slightly damp hair.In this and in another case, be sure to apply a pre-styling products: foam or clip.Use tools with a strong degree of fixation to your future hairstyle happy with you as long as possible.Then use the comb accurately allocated to a single strand of hair and twist the curler from the bottom up.Start from the top of the best, gradually covering the hair on the sides and back of the head.The thickne
ss of the hair strands adjust their own, depending on the effect you want to achieve.For smaller and lush curls separate the strands thinner, and to achieve large wavy curls, take more voluminous strands.The same rule applies when selecting the diameter of the rollers.
If you are the owner of a hairstyle short or medium length, Velcro rollers will be held without any additional fasteners, due to its construction.If you have long hair, it is best to use additional clamps.
beamed Velcro rollers on the entire amount of hair, dry the hair dryer and carefully remove the curlers.Pay particular attention to your hair is not entangled in Velcro.You just have to comb your hair and beat their hands, if you want to achieve the effect of careless curls.Your curls are ready!To secure the installation, always use hairspray, otherwise your hair may lose the original form by the end of the day.It is best to use a lacquer strong hold, especially if you have long hair.But everything is good in moderation - make sure that too much varnish does not create the effect of matted hair.
Despite the fact that the Velcro rollers are very comfortable, they have their disadvantages in the application.Firstly, the curlers are quite tough, and you can not cheat them for the night.Sleep in them uncomfortable, and the morning result is unlikely to please.Secondly, it is believed that such curlers spoil the surface of the hair with too frequent use.Unfortunately, the effect on hair curlers and provide any means for stacking, so that here in the first place are convenience and efficiency.
That's the easy way, spending very little time, you will be able to create a beautiful hairstyle for a hard day at the office, and for the celebratory dinner at friends and relatives.