you need
  • take shampoo for curly hair, conditioner, mask and special styling.
begin with, that fluffy hair usually unruly and resist laying.The shape of this hair is extremely difficult to make, stubborn hairs always strive to break out of a total massy.V the reason for "fluffy"?When aggressive action on the hair, such as dyeing, the hair shaft will require more time to recover.Hair shaft looks like a rod, covered with scales.Under normal conditions, the flakes are flush with each drugu.Esli same hair their habitat uncomfortable, for example, high humidity - these flakes are disclosed, the distance
between them increases, which leads not only to the ingress of pollutants into the hair, but also to a certain externalmind is the very disobedient and fluffy.Curly hair is much more likely to suffer from these phenomena.Save your hair and give them the desired shape can be using special shampoos, conditioners and masks, as well as foams and gels for proper installation.
to make regular use of shampoos and balms fluffy, curly hair.This will allow you to accustom to discipline unruly hair, make them softer and more prone to laying - because these funds "will shape" the scales of the hair, forced them to lie correctly, by doing so, every hair smooth.
Balsam - the main means for nourishing hair.The advantages of the balm is that it heals damaged hair and provides it additional power.
fact that curly hair and pushatsya - still does not mean that they are sick.No, they can be quite healthy - they just like to exercise its independent character.To mitigate will be very useful maski.Naprimer special, very effective mask of white henna.Henna is too soft will make the hair more elastic, but hard - perfectly smyagchit.Esche a well-established mask as follows: grind in a blender banana and two apples, add two or three tablespoons of glycerine and apply this mixture on the hair after washing dried hair, distribute onentire length.The mask can be held for ten minutes and then wash off with warm water.
proceed directly to the installation, use foam or gel specifically designed for this purpose.If you have fine hair - you can use the means of the average degree of fixation, if normal - you can take the vehicle to maximum effect.Apply foam and gel better on washed hair, towel-dried well.Foam is more suitable for fine hair and gel - for more elastic.