you need
  • - comb with fine teeth
  • - apparatus for African braids
Before beginning braiding not wash your hair.Make African braids very best for slightly dirty hair - so they will stick better, and the process will take less time weaving.
Good hair comb.Matted hair will interfere with the process of weaving, to the same hair as a result of this it will look untidy.
comb with fine teeth make the parting of the hair in the middle of the head.
Separate one strand of the desired thickness.The closer it is to the parting, the easier it will continue to weave.
strand Divide into three equal parts.Side locks hold the little fingers
, and the central strand - thumb and forefinger.Your arms should be turned palms down, with the little finger should be directed towards the head.
weaving itself is carried out alternately turns his hands, palms up, braided pigtail through the bottom.
Turn your left hand palm up.Leave your right hand, palm down position.After that, turn the left hand palm down.Then turn the right hand, palm up.Turn only the hand in which the two strands of hair.
Equally pull all three strands, braids otherwise be uneven.Zapletal braids quite tight.
With the development of technology accelerate the pace of weaving.
Braid braid the entire length of the strand.
End pigtails attach special device for African braids.This technique is used to braid not rasplelas.You can also decorate the end pigtails balls or beads.
Separate adjacent strand.Divide the strand into three equal parts.Braid braid.Secure the end of pigtails special apparatus for African braids.
Follow the above steps and braid all the strands of hair on her head in braids .