Mowing can not exist apart from all of your image.Therefore, try to trim it based on the type of person on the features of the figures and the general style of dress you prefer.
ideal face shape is considered to be oval.Therefore, in the case of round, square or triangular type shearing face is designed to correct its shape.
Note that the short cut "a boy" are tiny and fragile girl.But on a tall woman, they look not very good: the head seems disproportionately small.It is also not recommended for similar haircuts for women and girls who have "male" type of shape.
Note that high the fair sex are suitable smooth hairstyle length just below the chin, as well as the "soft waves" to the shoulders.Owners of the magn
ificent forms should not wear long straight hairstyle: they focus on the body.But long wavy hair s balance the proportions and will help create a harmonious way.
Hard hair s the nature of the dense and thick.If you find the right hairstyle, they are ideally emphasize spectacular appearance of the owner, adding to her charm and charisma.But such hair 's hard to fit, under its own weight "sag" and does not keep the shape of hair.Therefore, try to trim haircuts that do not require long and careful styling.It is better to abandon the short haircuts "square", "bean" becauseIn this case s hair will not be obedient to maintain the desired shape.If you allow the type of face and figure, stop your choice on a hairstyle medium length, without a bang.
on hard hair looks good ah cascade haircut with a long fringe.If desired, such a haircut you can even put in different ways.For example, you can bang or cheat, or leave the line and combed to one side.Laying rest hair done with curlers medium size.Start to wind the hair s individual small strands from the middle of the forehead toward the back of the head, moving to the side of the head.When your curls are ready, apply a foam or wax styling, beat her hands, giving the hair the desired shape.Zacheshite bangs to one side.
Note layered haircuts, which are very popular in recent years.They are well suited for hard hair .Master forms layers of loose, almost by accident, giving the desired amount and gently correcting the shape of the face.Bangs had this hairstyle is generally straight and long enough.Pruning does not require special installation and looks spectacular.