Weave French braids, according to many, it seems too much for a beginner and can scare the intentions to learn.In fact, everything is much simpler.This hairstyle is suitable for owners of hair of medium and long lengths.Perfect looks combined with ornaments ribbons, decorative pins or small clamps.For a man who has a visionary, ready to decorate the hair does not take much.
Prepare the hair to the top of hair.Gently back comb them over the entire length, try to align all the strands and collect hair behind her ears.
Separate a strand of hair on top and divide it into three equal thickness strands.Well, if the hand is long special flat clips, which you can slay the b
ottom, not used part of the hair so that it does not interfere with you in the process of weaving braids from the top strand.After that, apply a lock on the middle right, then do likewise with the left strand.This step is very similar to the classical weaving braids.
shift all derived from the previous step locks in your right hand, but it should be to ensure that the strands do not mix with each other and were separated from each other.
On the right side, take small sections of hair and weaves them to the right of the central strands.If loose hair pinned up clamp, be sure to first remove it.
just taken a lock on the right side imposes on the average, and with average central strand allot more to the right.
necessary to ensure that all the strands do not mix.Parallel to this, free up left arm.
Take a smooth strand of hair on the left side pryadok free and add it to the left of the central strands.
Put a lock on the center left and the very central part of the carry to the left.Watch out for so that the strands are not mixed with each other and loose hair.Hands in the process of weaving must be kept tightly pressed to the head, as it will provide are tight braids.
back to the third and fourth steps and repeat them until such time as all the hair will not be used.Completion of hairstyles can be made out in one or two braids.One braid is attached to the end of the tape is woven or using ordinary gum hair and two braids, you can braid the classical way and cross to fix them one under the other.
This stage is different for everyone and depends on the presence of decorative elements and fantasy artist: decorate the resulting hairstyle.