you need
  • hydrogen peroxide, colorless henna hair dye.
can try to lighten the hair to one or, if possible, a few shades and then paint hair a different color. lighten the hair can be as a folk remedy and means of the store.
How to lighten dyed black
If you hair already been painted, it is possible to lighten them with hydrogen peroxide or a colorless henna.Peroxide hair to keep as much until you get your desired shade.If in the future you want to dye your hair , the wait is almost white, rather pale yellow.Once discolored hair, you can start painting in a li
ghter shade.
How to lighten dyed black
If you've been painted with henna, you should not rely on the fact that you all will turn out exactly as described.After the henna is generally no paint can not change the color of the hair.
How to lighten dyed black
After clarification colorless henna should be very well rinsed hair , so you do not have the feeling of sand on his head.Direct sunlight significantly affects the resulting shade of henna.So a few days after clarification do not abuse the sun.
How to lighten dyed black
If you are not sure that you can hold yourself painting, it is better to leave this to the professionals.Refer to the salon.It will help you and advise you that it is suitable for your hair.