you need
  • - Studs (preferably a lot);
  • - A pair of rubber bands;
  • - Hairspray strong hold;
  • - Invisible.
very stylish and fashionable hairstyle is a "Bow".The advantage of this hairstyle is also the fact that the accessory is not required at all.She's ornament will look.Bow of the hair can be built in different areas of the head: at the back, top or center slightly offset to the left or right.This hairstyle can be done not only at the solemn event, but use in business style.Just take a bow at the back and side bangs zacheshite smoothl
y.For festive hairstyles require a little more effort.
In the area of ​​the crown highlight triangle - it will be a fringe.On the temples leave strands of hair.For more volume, you can curl the strands.
remaining hair to collect into a tight ponytail at the nape.Before the formation of the bow is better to put in the palm of wax or gel: the hair will not scatter, and the hair will look neater.At the top of the tail, scroll lock, and kill, not to interfere.While it is not necessary.
Attach another elastic band tail below.From the upper gum in half, divide the tail.Shape the bow and secure the pins.The ends of the remaining hair can be hidden under the halves of the bow - so hair will look neater.
the middle of the bow, as it is believed to be a bundle.That's what we need and a lock that was left at the beginning.Take it to create and secure the middle of several bow invisible.Fix needed at the base and the bottom of the bow.
Left strands at the temples nacheshite and tighten the harness in a few turns.Secure the base strands pins, and the remaining ends of the hide again under the bow itself.
The triangular shape under the strand of bangs, putting in the form of a light wave.Secure all invisible and varnish.After 5 minutes, you can shoot invisible - Bang will hold steady wave.You can sprinkle a little spray and hair brightening ready.