you need
  • - hair dryer;
  • - brushing comb-average diameter;
  • - hair with a round nozzle-comb;
  • - wax hair;
  • - mousse.
cascade haircut runs as short and medium-length hair, and on long enough.The secret of haircuts - multilayer, which provides an excellent volume and a well-groomed appearance.At the same time using the stage laying the hair can be turned into a feminine, mischievous or shkodnuyu, unusual or casually charming haircut .
classic styling haircut cascade involves the use of a hair dryer and a comb-brushing average diameter.To put cascading neat haircut strands with ends curled down, you must direct the jet dryer on-drawn brushing a strand from the top down, smoothing a lock.The tip of the
locks work curls comb movements and then a couple of times to repeat the twisting without the dryer.Thus the need to treat each strand, focusing on the lateral zones.
A simpler version in the home version - the use of a hair dryer with a round-nozzle comb.This allows the hair with one hand and simultaneously perform the formation of a neat strand, and twisting the ends.Upon completion of stacking ends of the strands can be treated with wax to maintain clear form.
soft, slightly disheveled, casually charming contours of the cascade can be given a haircut, putting the hair "to foam".At the ends of the hair can not tuck, pulling them and straightening or tucking slightly outward.Thus, stacking is performed from the bottom up in layers - first lower strands and then the strands of the central part, the crown and only thereafter the lateral zones.After laying his hands lightly treated with wax need to be shaped hairdo in the parietal zone, lifting the roots of the hair with your fingers.