to create a natural look overhead strands are fixed as follows: First take the widest of them and carefully fastened under your own hair, then move to a more narrow and thin.The most delicate mounted last, usually whiskey.After the fall of the own hair, comb so that the fasteners were not visible.You can either leave the loose long hair, or put her hair in her hair.
Rim locks are made of artificial or natural hair.Artificial, of course, cheaper, but they often catch the eye and create a feeling of the wig, which is not ver
y nice.Artificial strands better use of contrasting bright colors, even without trying to give them for their hair.They are used most often on the festive party, birthday, held at the club.
For serious events where you want to appear in all its splendor, it is better to use a strand of natural hair.You can buy ready-made or make to order, pick up a shade (or painted in the color you want - because natural hair can be dyed).It will cost more, but on the other hand you will not look ridiculous or silly.Do not skimp on beauty.
For overhead hair needs care - they must be washed, carefully dried, combed, and stored so that they were fresh and beautiful look.
best not to use false locks before a romantic rendezvous.If by chance your partner will see as you shoot or recovering the artificial hair, it can ruin his loving mood.Men do not like such artifice in female beauty.Try to keep their secrets to themselves.