you need
  • • Scissors
  • • An old T-shirt or cloth cotton
  • • Brush or comb
  • • Hair clip or rubber band
  • • Hairpins
  • • Mousse for hair or serumshine
Find an old T-shirt, T-shirt or other item that is easily cut with scissors, cut into strips about 20 cm long and 0.5 to 3 cm wide.You will need to cut about 15 tapes.Of course, if you have sparse hair , and you will need fewer, but they can always be used if some strips burst.
Once you cut the required number of strips you need to wet hair
.This makes it easier and curls better foothold.Comb your hair .
To split hair into strands, use a comb.Take the top two-thirds of your hair and fix their hair clip, start with the bottom third of your hair.Divide them into 3-4 equal strands.
Take the first small section of hair and wind it on a strip of cloth.When hair fully wrapped, tie a knot on the strip fabric, supporting hair tightly in the middle.Make sure the unit strong to design the morning has not collapsed.
Screw this way all the strands of the bottom of the hair.Then release even one-third of the hair from the clip.Divide this part into smaller strands and wind on the strip in the same manner.When you've done this, shoot forth remaining in the clamp hair and divide them into strands again.Continue until all the wind a hair .If you feel that some places have fixed freely use the hairpin to keep hair in place.
After a night's rest, your hair must be dry and ready for installation.Make sure that you pulled out all the clips.Then, untie the knot and spread strand without stretching curl.In the same way, remove all strips of cloth.Apply a small amount of mousse in the palm of your hand or use a serum for shine.Start the fingers in the hair , share some curls, beat their hands and gives volume.