you need
  • Utensils for cooking and coloring lightening compounds, gloves, hair dye (red), hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, hair dryer.
Prepare a 9-percent hydrogen peroxide solution.It can be found from a pharmacy or retail industry.Expect to have enough solution to all your hair.The stronger the hair, the worse they are wetted with water, the greater the solution you need.For greater efficiency and speed of bleach can be added to the peroxide, ammonia or ammonium bicarbonate.Ammonium chloride also gives the hai
r a little red tint in your case only on the hand.But do not place too much, otherwise the solution will lose its desired quality of lightening.
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Apply the resulting mixture to dry hair and keep your head warm while not lighten hair 4-5 tones.It is desirable to wrap your head in a towel.During this procedure, you may feel discomfort and burning of the scalp.
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Thoroughly rinse hair.In order to become a little softer, you can use the balm for hair.Apply it evenly on hair and rinse after 20-30 minutes.Then dry the hair dryer.
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Cook the mixture for coloring hair red.It should be prepared just before the application to the hair so that it was not long, because some of the chemical components able to react with oxygen.The result of this coloring paint may differ materially from those desired.Experts recommend taking a break between lightening and coloring in a few days.That hair a little rest and recover.
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with a wide brush, apply the prepared paint to dry hair.Try to do it evenly, otherwise colored strands will be different shades.Allow the paint on hair and rinse the right time.Dry hair.
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