you need
  • Hairdressing Scissors straight and thinning, comb, clips (clips), hair styling, spray water.
Kare «on leg » - one of the types of this great haircut.Since it can handle even a person who does not have too much experience in hairdressing, as this technology is quite simple haircut.It is believed that a penalty "on leg » is more than brunettes, because usually their hair is thicker, so it is best to lay a hairstyle.Although professional master can do to make a cut on any hair.
first thing you should do before you start mowing - is to wash your hair with a towel and squeeze.The hair should be moist, not wet.Well-washed hair comb.Divide the
head into four zones: it perform vertical and horizontal partings across the middle of the head.With clips kill the resulting area.
You can now start trimming.Remove the clips from the occipital areas.Draw a horizontal parting at ear level.The upper part of the hair lock by using pins or clips.Trim the lower part of the cape.Then after 1-2 cm separate the hair is still one horizontal side, fasten the top hair clip, trim the bottom, like last time, but making them a little shorter.Continue this sequence until you reach the line of the ears.You can profile the back of the head so that it looked neater.
Of the remaining hair on the nape of the parts department with a horizontal parting.Cut on the length that you would like to have back.This will be the base line the square.Then after 1-2 cm a number of separate hair, trim the level of the previous ones.Do this until you arrange the hair on the nape.
Now we need to cut the whiskey.Free from hair clips to one side.Make a horizontal parting 1-2 cm from the edge of hair growth, most of the back secure clasp.The remaining trim the hair, extending or rounding them to the face.Again, a number of separate hair into 1-2 cm wide, trim the at the same level as the previous hair.Similarly, to issue all the temporal area.On the other hand, do the same.At the same time make sure that the temporal and occipital area smoothly into one another, are integrated.
Make bangs.You can draw a straight or slanting bangs.And you can do without it entirely.Here, guided by your taste or wishes.Drain and place the hair with a hair dryer.