to create a simple and stylish everyday hairstyles you will need to paint or styling mousse, hair dryer and round brush.Wash your hair and dry them, and in the process of blow-drying, wrap the ends of the hair with a round brush inside prosushivaya in this position.
If you have bangs, highlight the comb and also tighten up the ends inward.Bang lock lacquer, and the remaining hair back and zacheshite also sprinkle varnish.
Originally styling looks a little shaggy bob - to comply with the laying divide the hair straight horizontal parting from ear to ear, and then separate the front lock of hair from the back.Make the hair on the back of a small bouffant hair and t
wist roller.Do the same with the front strands.Secure hair lacquer, and strengthen the back hair barrette beautiful.
Long bangs will look good with a bob haircut, split straight vertical parting.Dry your hair and shake their fingers, onto which a small amount of fixing gel to create the effect of wet hair.
If you want to create an elegant evening hairstyle, screw the hair on large curlers and leave it to dry and then comb the curls with your fingers and give them the desired shape, sprinkle with varnish.Effectively will look not only hair, but also utjuzhkom straightened hair.
comb the hair on the forehead and distributing flat bangs, straighten the hair ironing, to get a smooth and beautiful hair for working atmosphere and disco.
In addition, you can comb washed hair sideways and dry them in this position, and then shake the hair and sprinkle it with varnish - so you get a natural styling, suitable for any occasion.