you need
  • -phenyl-comb;
  • Off-round brushes of different diameters;
  • -means for styling and fixing hair.
There are two types of hair dryers.The first - a device that blows hot air.In order to using it to create a hairstyle, you'll need a special comb.The second type is a hair dryer with a nozzle, which is a round hairbrush, and allows you to simultaneously dry hair and make styling.This device is also known as "hair-comb."
Feng comb is ideal for those who have short hair or medium hair .Apply these little foam or mousse to add volume to hair, then screw the lock of hair to comb hair dryer and dry.If you want to make a wave, which will be based "cap" that cheat curls should be clockwise.If your goal - hairstyles with curved tips of the cheeks, it is necessary to wind the strand coun
If you want to do her hair, using a hair dryer without special attachments, you need special combs round shape.To make the hair as much as possible the volume, use the large comb, if your goal is simply rootstock tips - that are ideal for this smaller versions.
Apply foam head or styling mousse, and then screw the lock on a comb and dry.In hairdressing shops selling combs, which in addition to curl give additional volume.If their use is necessary to blow air from the dryer to a lock, while fast winding it on a comb.
Regarding laying direction is essentially the same principle as using a comb-dryer: twirling a lock clockwise you get stacking "inside", counterclockwise - "outside".
To ready styling lasted as long as possible, you must sprinkle it with hairspray.