determine the type of the future a mohawk.They are divided into different categories, based on the width, height and location.The most common is considered mohawk , located at the center of the head width of 2 to 4 fingers.
Wet little hair.Use of a spray of water.Wet hair is more amenable to work, because they are more docile.They are also easier to comb, separate from each other and measure the length.
Exactly separate the hair, thus highlighting the color strip widths required.Try to make it as even as possible and symmetrical, if you plan to cut the classic mohawk .Kill the hair, which will form the basis hairstyles, with the help of pins, so they do not interfere with shaving.The width of the future mohawk and selected depending on hair
length.If long hair is recommended to strip more - thereby mohawk will be easier to put.If your hair is short, the mohawk can do more narrow.
Now for the hair located in the temporal side and at the back.Carefully shave them using clippers or scissors vystrigite.Moreover, if the hair is long, then at the temples and back of the head it is recommended to leave a few millimeters.Thus mohawk will look more impressive.If the hair is short, it is better not concerning mohawk but shave "under a zero."To do this, the final stage of use shaving machine tool.
Iroquois may be prostrate or standing.The first option does not require special care and long-term placement.To put mohawk , use lacquer strong fixation.Wet your hair and put a bit of them.Squirting paint and then dry the hair dryer, repeat this procedure at each site a mohawk.With hands and comb to achieve the desired styling.This may be different variations, for example, mohawk can be absolutely flat and may look palisade of spikes - it all depends on the imagination and desire.