first look at how to properly hold a tool in the hands.The left hand is usually pulls the strand, and the right cuts.Comb passes from one hand to another.Consider an example.You are going to cut the back of the head.Prewet hair, gently comb, divide hair comb with a tail on the strand and secure outside terminals.Scissors grab, vdev one ring ring finger to another - thumb.Clicked his scissors to adjust.Remember that a haircut is always done with his scissors.You have to keep within 5-6 clicks on one strand.
When you learn to hold the scissors, start mowing.Throw off with scissors and comb thumb right hand strand 3-4 times, then tighten it.Put a comb in his left hand again Thread the finger in the
ring.Shear off excess ends of scissors.Outset that shave hair to the desired length from the first time it is not necessary.Cut a little smaller and see whether more shear.In addition, in the process of trimming the excess probably leave.The second strand of the previous take parallel, also combed and dub with the first strand, holding two fingers of his left hand.So gradually move on.
If you just want to trim bangs, then do it, dried beforehand and pulling the hair dryer.So you can mow bangs straight.Use sharp scissors with thin ends.Move from the center to the edges and separated into individual strands of bangs.Next, check the length of hair from opposite edges of the bangs, bringing them together in the middle.If revealed asymmetry - equals more.
Men's hairstyles can be done with an electric typewriter and a simple comb or using different nozzle-limiters, which usually are supplied to the machine.Keep the appliance should be against the hair growth, or hair be pressed against the head and not fall under the blade.You need to cut strips from the edge to the top.After each band hair schesyvayut.Reaching the top of the head should not be abruptly interrupt it, you need to gradually withdraw its holding on weight and is separated from the surface of the head.
working machine, it is necessary to hold the head with two fingers at the top of the head.Through machine near the ears, it is necessary to bend the ear shell.Check the formation of hairstyles should be no shading and piping nozzle to get a smooth hair with well-rounded edges.