you need
  • - oxygenation 6, 9 and 12%,
  • - lightening powder.
First you need to prepare yourself before painting.Wear gloves and a protective apron.Now you can start mixing blondatorov.The proportions of 1: 2.This means that one scoop of powder accounts for two tablespoons of liquid oxigent.Mixing these components must be in a plastic dish and immediately before application to your hair.
Then divide your hair into several zones.Usually this is done the horizontal and vertical parting.Secure the hair clip.Start the process with nizhnezatylochnoy zone.The most important thing in the first step to make a small clarification in 2 cm indent from the roots.The substance should be applied to the hair very quickly and abundantly.Hair must li
terally "swim in the paint."Only in this case it is possible staining quality.
Separate a section of 2 cm wide. On its entire length distribute blondator.After applying the comb wooden comb.As soon as the treated one area, try to treat the other as quickly as possible.This maximum speed is needed, because the waiting time action paint starts only from the moment when you have to prepare the latest strand.If you start the whole process of half an hour ago and have not yet seen the end of the work, you will have to think seriously about the part of the hair, with which it all started.The paint is in any case impossible to overdo.Better, if necessary, a re-lighting after a few days.
After standing waiting time, wash the hair with shampoo.Apply a nourishing balm.Rinse and dry with a towel.
second time in a few days, apply a mixture of coloring already in the hair roots.Repeat steps 1 to 4. Now the hair ready to use your desired colors!