you need
  • beautiful barrette,
  • hair dryer,
  • hair clips,
  • round brush for styling hair,
  • means for fixing.
pre Hair should be washed (not excess will be refreshing nourishing hair mask), and then a little dry the hair dryer.Wet strands should not burden the hair and pull down curls.Then you need to apply styling products.Divide your hair into several zones: the upper and lower occipital, temporal, parietal.Each of them is better clipped.
with a hair dryer and a round brush start making styling each strand.You should begin with the occipital area of ​​the head.It is very important that it should be done against the hair growth.The brush is best placed directly at the roots of the hair.The move should be from the roots to the tips, picking a lock up.This technique helps to
give extra volume to your hair.In addition, the roots they become a little more lush.
Then move on to the next strand.We perform with each action described in the second step.It is desirable to comply with a certain sequence in the installation, first the lower part of the occipital, and then the upper, temporal and parietal area.
After all locks will be processed hairdryer, need to give the hair cool.Otherwise, all your efforts may be in vain.Actions with ostyvshimi allow hair to maintain perfect shape of hair.Few nacheshite hair.After their smooth brush.
Gather together a few strands on the sides as well as from the back of the head.Take a beautiful hairpins and secure them at the back.If you are using the terminal, it is best to braid hair, and only after that slaughter.Hairstyle is ready!