Wash your hair and dry them with a hairdryer (blow-dried hair always shine).Then screw the already dry hair on hot rollers.Instead, you can use mousse to give hair volume.Using a large round brush lay hair curls or waves.To make the hair shine sprinkle with hair spray or lacquer.
If you have bangs - straighten it with the ironing, apply mousse and zacheshite ago, so it was a bit of volume.Then lift one piece of hair and secure with the invisible near the ear, do the same thing on the other side.Spray hair with lacquer or spray for shine.All hair is ready.
To make the hair with straight hair, you should use rectifiers, for example, sil
icone-based serum.And for a few curls can squeeze relief pattern.Sprinkle with hair lacquer.This hairstyle will look quite glamorous.
this hairstyle can be done using a comb and a rubber band for hair.As always, first wash your hair, blow dry, leveling tips.Comb your hair so that they are smooth and do the normal tail.It would be better if you use an elastic band in the color of the hair, then gently separate the hair into two parts of the rubber tail lift upwards and pass between the two parts separated by the hair, and then lower it to its original position.It remains hidden under the gum coil of hair, you can use decorations.Hairstyle, as you see, is quite simple and beautiful.
on medium length hair can also make an evening hairstyle quickly.To do this, dry clean the hair dryer, lift and secure the locks.Then divide the hair into two parts.One strand gather in the tail and lower back, and the other tie a knot on the first strand.To fix the studs will be useful.As a result, you get a sliding tail, mounted their own tresses.
Owners of short hair can quickly make an evening laying on their own, using tongs, wax, mousse and hair clips.For example, make a side parting.Then separate the front part of the hair, the hair is treated with a unseat styling tongs and place in a direction away from the face.The front strand treat wax zacheshite hair behind her ears.To separate the strands, use a wax, previously rubbed it between his palms.Lay strands by hand only if necessary, you can fix the hair behind the ears.