you need
  • - comb;
  • - barrette or gum;
  • - some invisible;
  • - massage brush (for weak hair).
Comb your hair and divide them from head to neck in two.Begin to weave spike from the back.
the left side of the parting separate strand of hair.It should be small, but one that you can divide it into three parts.Begin to weave a normal braid toward the ear.Available under the pigtail hair leave.
Having one or two weave, separate from free hair one more strand and attach it to the one that is currently at the bottom.Continue to weave, after every two turns are separated from the next stran
d of loose hair and taking her into a braid.
Braid spike around, constantly adding new locks.At the end of the remaining loose hair tighten the rubber band hair, hide under the scythe, and kill the invisible.