you need
  • hair dye, gloves, towel, mixing container (not metal) paint brush, hair clip, balm-conditioner.
first step in painting the hair strands consists in selecting kraski.Doma carefully read the instructions on the application of paint.
When using for the first time, it is advisable to test for allergic reaction.To do this, apply a small amount of paint on your wrist and wait for a while.If the skin turns red, you can proceed to the main routine.
Please lubricate the forehead and temples any fat cream to tramp ink droplets not to stain the skin.Do not hook the hair cream s, otherwise the paint will fall unevenly.
Wear gloves on his hands, they usually are supplied to the paint.Mix the paint in a special small-capacity, strictly adhering to the description.
hair do not wash before painting.Separate dry strand (usually start from the top) and the paint is applied with a brush.When painting hair data tone is produced for the first time, the strands from roots begin to paint and go to the tips.If you have already used this tone, and you need to touch up regrowth, naturally, paint is applied to the same roots.And then after a certain time to comb the hair to the tips of .
If you have long hair s, each strand coated with a paint, it is better to stab a special clip or barrette usual.
Different colors have different times of exposure to s hair.This is all described in the instructions.Depending on the structure of hair and the desired effect, the paint kept on the head from 20 to 40 after the time minut.Po painting should be lightly moisten s hair and massage them with your hands to better effect securing paint.Wash off the paint under the warm stream, to complete bleaching flocking water.
After staining s hair, apply balm-conditioner.It helps to preserve the structure hair and revitalizes color makes strands shinier