you need
  • comb with a few teeth.
Take a comb, preferably with frequent and thin teeth.It will help to accurately and precisely separate the strands from the bulk of the hair, avoiding outlier strands (so-called "cocks").
Prepare a couple of rubber bands for hair.For a certain type of hair (too fluffy or naughty) also need foam, mousse or varnish - they help easier to cope with braided, and in their application Spit longer retains pristine neat appearance.
Comb (carefully and repeatedly) clean and dry hair to rid them from tangling and knots.Movement comb must be done from the forehead to the nape.
visually identify a line extending from one ear to another - it will be a landmark for the parallel separation of strands in the future.
With the help of a comb isolated from a narrow forehead a lock of hair (it must go hand in that same line from ear to ear).Select the comb in the middle of the central strands of the resulting strand of which will be the principal.
On either side of this central strand, still using a comb, gently separate the two strands, which are connected to the first as you begin to weave a normal braid.
on both sides of the head with a comb symmetrically separate the thin or greater (to your taste) strands and overlap and connect them with two side locks, as if podpletaya them in the primary braid in the center of the head.
Move so from the forehead to the crown, and then to the back of the head.At the neck when hair podpletaniya longer stays, you can continue to weave braid "dragon" as a conventional weave braids.Alternatively, you can interrupt the process at the point where the hair ended vpletanie "dragon" and pull hair elastic, forming a tail.

This single "dragon" is the most simple in execution, it is quite possible to braid itself unaided.
If you want to braid double braid "dragon", do the following:

Spend a comb smooth parting from the forehead to the nape of the neck so that the hair was divided into two parts.
Single or double dragon - you choose
the same way as in the weaving of a dragon, captures and strands woven into a braid, first on one side of the head, and then the other.
Secure the braids tails or rubber bands.