you need
  • - thread;
  • - shampoo;
  • - water;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - comb;
  • - lock;
  • - gum.
Wash hair, dry them and divide into even strands.Gently lift the upper locks and kill them lock.After that, take the middle of a small bunch of hair and his tie thread: one end of the thread should be on one side, and the other - the second.
Divide the hair into two parts.Then remove the clip and add a third beam (it is the average).That is, on the sides you will have locks and thread, and in the middle of the beam without it.
Start weave braid three strands.When she is ready, secure the end with a rubber band.
Originally looks weaving "fishtail".This braid is braided in two stages.First, gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with a rubber band.
Around the base of the tail to tie the knot a few threads.Following this, divide the hair into two equal parts (threads should also be distributed equally).Start weaving from left to right, stretching from one strand of hair and attach them to the other (must form an infinity sign).
Weave fix tight because otherwise the strands are arranged randomly, because of what will turn out sloppy braid.
looks spectacular with French braids threads.Divide into three strand bundle and put it under her three strands, folded in half, and then start weaving braids, capturing new locks.After a few stitches, add the three strands and so do a few times.
If at the end of plaiting the hair is not enough, add a few more threads and dopletite pigtail.