Everyone knows that the artificial hair dyes have a negative impact on their structure, gradually destroying her.An alternative is hair coloring using folk remedies.The advantages of this method include general improvement and strengthening of the hair, to obtain the desired shade, no chemical components that are harmful to your hair.
This effect of natural dyes, usually short-lived.Yes, and not always noticeable effect can be achieved on the first try.Apply cooked means only need the whole length of hair.The longer wash off the mask, the more intense the color will turn out, but to keep a half hours is not desirable.
hair coloring independently predict what will eventually shade is a
lmost impossible.Better to try painting on a single strand, to try to predict the color.If you want to achieve the golden color, you can use two methods.
Take fifty grams of dry husk of onions, pour 200 grams of water and boil for about twenty minutes.Ostuzhennoy solution for half an hour put on hair and rinse.
Three tablespoons of crushed chamomile flowers pour a liter of boiling water, let stand at least an hour, then strain.The solution is to rub the hair and hold for half an hour.Daisy can not wash off.
If you need a bright golden color, grab a bag of henna and dilute two or three tablespoons of chamomile prepared by the previous recipe.The resulting mask put on for half an hour and rinse.
If you want to buy a bronze shade, use a mask of two parts, one part henna and Basma.Dissolve in proportions based on the instructions and put on half an hour, and then rinse.
Do you want to dye your hair in a bright shade of mahogany?Need a mixture of one bag of henna and four tablespoons of cocoa.Dilute to the consistency of thick cream and apply on twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the desired color intensity.
Become burning brunette you will be taken equally henna and Basma.They need to put a mask on half an hour.
to achieve a dark brown shade pour three tablespoons of black tea a large glass of water and boil for twenty minutes.Rub the solution into hair and hold for half an hour.
To get Brown shade, you need twenty grams of the roots and leaves of rhubarb pour half a liter of white wine or vinegar, diluted 1: 1 and boil for half an hour.Infusion rinse hair and leave for half an hour.