to lighten hair on the 6 colors, you will need strong Blondirujushchy drug and oxidant.The percentage of the oxidizer is selected based on the structure of your hair.Thin hair clarified weaker oxide - 3% and 6%.Hard or previously painted hair is discoloring with stronger oxides - 9% and 12%.When selecting Blondirujushchy means better to give preference to firms proven to guarantee a good result.
When lightening hair should be applied Blondirujushchy mixture on the hair starting with the hair, which are difficult to bleaching - is part of the occipital.Whiskey also be painted at the last moment.Apply the mixture on your hair thick brush, evenly distributing the composition of all th
e hair from the roots.The ends are painted a lot faster, so it makes sense to put them at the end of the dyeing composition.
lightening hair may be gradual and uneven.The oxygen is released from the peroxide to oxidize natural pigment, "corroding" it out of the hair structure.As a result hair become empty.Therefore, the strong clarification so important procedure further toning hair - it returns to hair color, strength, and makes them softer.When bleaching process actively releases heat.To avoid damage to the hair , should not be worn on the head warming cap.
On average lightening hair tones takes about 6 hours.Therefore, the composition is not dried up on the hair, do not make it too thick.Check
result within the procedure itself is quite simple - rinse composition to the hair strands to vote degree of clarification.If it does not suit you, cover lock structure again.
main stages of lightening of hair: red - red-red - red - yellow and red - yellow - light yellow.
When your hair become yellow or light yellow, you need to complete the procedure and rinse thoroughly hair .After that it is to start toning hair.Toning hair can be done with a soft cream color without ammonia or coloring shampoos with violet pigments, neutralizing unpleasant yellowness of hair.It is not necessary to keep a painting tool on the hair for a long time, just a few minutes, otherwise you risk getting purple hair .