Evaluate the conditio
n of your hair.
should seriously consider this point, because if you decide to paint the weak, damaged strands, the risk in this case to stay with no hair at all, as the damaged, they can not move the rigid procedures of clarification and begin to break off its entire length.Evaluate the condition of the hair on the following criteria:
- presence and percentage of gray hair;
- whether previously painted hair ;
- state ends;
- dry hair;
- sensitive hair.
If your hair is difficult to staining, it is necessary once again to weigh the "pros" and "cons". Red hair usually thin in structure, so it is very easy to mess up, but the recovery process is very long.
Decide bleaching agent.
If you have such an opportunity, it is better to carry out the procedure of clarification of red hair at the hairdresser.If you decide to become a blonde home, consult with a specialist, which bleaches the most suitable for you.To lighten red hair often have to spend not one, but two procedures, so only professional hairdresser can help you make a choice.
correctly apply the bleaching composition to the hair .
This is the first stage of becoming a blonde.Clarifying agent is applied to dry hair unwashed , starting with the darkest areas: from the occipital region.If the ends are dry, they should be painted in the last turn.The same applies to temples.The mixture was left on the hair from 20 to 50 minutes, depending on how fast goes staining.If after the first clarification of red pigment of the hair is not fully oxidized, it means that you need to re-lighting, which can be no earlier than 2 weeks.During this time, the structure of the hair a little restored.
Paint hair after clarification in the desired shade.
This is the second stage of bleaching.It is held when originally red hair under the influence of Blondirujushchy funds become yellow or pale yellow.On hair applied toners or soft bezammiachnoy paint.If hair much yellow, it is best to choose natural light shades of paint with a golden glow.Yellowness neutralized coloring shampoos with blue pigments are applied to clean damp strands literally 3 minutes and then rinsed off.
Care for bleached hair properly.
To become a chic blonde with beautiful hair, you need to start strongly and regularly take care of them after bleaching.For cleaning, use only a mild shampoo.Balm conditioner and leave-protective creams and sprays - all this must be at your fingertips.Do not forget to do several times a week restoring mask: natural or industrial production.Only with good care clarified hair will look good and attract attention to their gold or platinum luster.