you need
  • - comb with a few teeth;
  • - a small rubber band or barrette;
  • - hairspray.
carefully comb the hair over the entire length.Today, there are several variants of braiding on the fringe.The most popular boho braid, which gives the image of femininity and individuality.
to start weaving braids on the side of the head with a comb with a few teeth grab the strand of hair with bangs, and the main part of the head.
Of the three strands of hair shape.One strand (right) take on the bangs.The second (located in the middle), create a half from the main part of the long hair of the head, departing from the line of growth of 1 cm bangs and bangs of hair.The third strand (left) will consist of the main part of the long hair of the head.
Once the strands are formed, start weaving braids.Boho braids weaving method similar to the method of weaving the French braid.On average strand of hair strands add alternately left and right.Do this until the hair to bang not end.
Kill the resulting braid hair clips or rubber bands to secure the hair.If you want to continue to weave the braid from the main part of the hair.Get the original hairstyle, a hairstyle reminiscent of the bohemian style.
After weaving braids completed, fix the resulting hair with hairspray to keep it wag, and short strands of bangs without distracting from pigtails.