If you have recently done highlighting, but the results are not satisfied, it is best if you type patience, and wait at least three weeks before the new campaign in the interior, so as not to cause irreparable harmhis hair.
Thin hair , are worse tolerate any staining, after one procedure may begin to fall out, so first try to grow its natural color, gradually cutting off the painted ends, and only then paint them a different color.
But if you find that the situation is critical, and can not wait, contact a professional as soon as he can properly assess what treatments will be able to sustain your previous color damaged hair .
Remove the effect of highlig
hting helps you hair remover, and some time later - repainting them in solid color.Washes are bleaching, acid and organic.Discolors the stripper you lighten your hair at a time immediately to the four tones.Again it can only be used within two weeks.Due to the fact that it is poisonous, it is better if this type of washing you will do a professional.
Acid remover does not contain ammonia and perhydrol, but if you decide to use it, keep in mind that you will be able to lighten the hair two tones per session.
order to remove paint from the hair in the direction of a light color, you can use a mixture of sunflower, olive and castor oils.Take them in equal quantity and mix.You can add a small amount of moisturizer for hands.Heat the mixture to body temperature, put on hair .Then cover them with plastic wrap for half an hour.Lightening effect can be enhanced by using a hair dryer at a moderate temperature.After half an hour rinse with shampoo (baby can be) several times.If enough to lighten your hair, you can repeat this process every 12 hours.
You can also use a castor oil.Mix four tablespoons of oil and three egg yolks.Cooked mixture put on hair over the entire length and rub into the scalp.Head wrap a plastic bag and a towel.Do not use a hair dryer.Rinse best shampoo for oily hair.