Before you stop your choice on a certain shade of red, talk to your stylist.It is better if you choose something from the colors as close to natural as unnatural saturated color can you wear out over several years.
easiest to achieve the desired result, using paint or coloring shampoo bought in the store.To learn how to dye your hair, you can learn to paint in the attached instructions.
Auburn shade on the hair can also be obtained by using natural dyes, which in many cases even better: not only natural dyes are painted, but and nourish the scalp, strengthen hair.Most often used henna and basma.
If you have brown hair, red hue can be obtained as follows:
two cups of henna pour boiling water, it is necessary to get a paste.Add a spoonful of castor oil or olive oil, 100 grams of yogurt, one egg yolk.Apply the mixture to dry hair and wrap head with a towel.
Auburn shade slightly darker obtained by using coffee: 4 tsp. Of natural or instant coffee dilute cup of boiling water.For several minutes the mixture boil, strain and mix with henna.
If you want to give red shade of black hair , you have to prepare them beforehand.First, prepare a mixture of 25 g perhydrol, 30 g of liquid soap and 5-7 drops of ammonia.Apply it on your hair 20 minutes to cover the head should not be.After this procedure, clarifying wash your hair, and you can begin to color hair with henna. reddish hue you can get if you apply henna (10 g per 100 g of hot water) for 7-8 minutes.
beautiful shade of brown , the most suitable girl with dark skin, obtained using tea leaves and nut.Take a pair of tablespoons of walnut leaves (walnut) and black tea.This mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and put 20 minutes on low heat.Thereafter, the broth must infuse a further 20 minutes.Apply it needs to clean, slightly damp hair.
Dark red color can be obtained by applying onion peel.Take 200 grams of onion peel and a couple of tablespoons of black tea.Pour 0.5 liters of white wine and warm up the mixture on low heat for half an hour.Cool, strain and Apply to clean damp hair.Wrap head with a towel for one hour.