No, no!You would not be silly childish persistence and not to spoil your important photo shoot in life by improper installation.Moreover, the hairstyle to choose prom dresses can be in accordance with the leading fashion trends.

If you decide to stay on the straight and elegant long dress in a floor, select the same styling: a calm and aristocratic.For example, ask the master roll of hair "shell" or unusual fashion beam.Outrageous supplement can serve as a beautiful ornamental hairpin.

If you have long hair and wanti
ng to be more original, understated dress for any length hair, you can create a cascade.It is made of two tails assembled one above the other (first - very high on the crown, and the second - just below).Then the strands are twisted and fixed shiptsami small studs.Curls ends neatly down over her shoulders.

To prom dress "a la 60" (corset and wide skirt knee-length), it is best to choose a hairstyle with curls.If your hair is not very long, guided by Marilyn Monroe.This image will impress any of your classmates.Also perfect high beam in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

extravagant mini best complement the hairstyle "good girl": a braid wrapped around her head.After weaving slightly fan it, giving the image a certain bohemian.You can also choose a hairstyle (along with her hair), if you plan to put on the dress in the Greek style, or a sundress "like hippies."

most elaborate hairstyles for prom dresses, oddly enough, loose hair.It will be good to combine with a floral dress in the style of "baby doll".But even in this situation it is better to abandon them, becausegraduation is a lengthy undertaking.Splayed hair quickly lose their beautiful appearance, begin to go awry and will look unpresentable.To keep them in their original state, most comb and apply a little thermal water.As an alternative to this variation along perfectly suited Babette (like Brigitte Bardot).