you need
  • -rascheska;
  • -penem styling;
  • Hair dryer;
  • -ployka;
  • -lak hair.
waves in the hair also called "Hollywood".This name stuck because of the well-known film actress Marilyn Monroe.Before doing hairstyle, good hair wash and lightly air dry them.After that, apply a mousse.Apply it should be with the help of a comb with a few teeth in order to evenly distribute the foam on the hair.
Good dry hair with a hair dryer, lifting them slightly at the roots.This helps to give them volume.For best results, lightly sprinkle with varnish, thereby securing volume.In order not to damage the structure of hair, they need to dry cool air.Then, with the help of the upper jaws kill the locks so that they do not interfer
e with your installation.
Next comes the process of laying directly.Share your hair into strands with a comb and start cranking them curling.And for the formation of the most exciting twist the hair so that the direction of the curls was the same.This is the main difference from the usual hairstyles curls, which are wound and stacked in a chaotic manner.
Once you have laid all hair , start to wind pinned locks.They should be done in the same way - that all locks have been deployed in the same direction.Now a little comb curls comb, using clamps fix them and sprinkle a small amount of hairspray.The application of a large number of locking means unnatural hair done, so you need to handle it carefully.
Such waves will look good on her hair loose, and the collected beam.An excellent option would hairstyle, made of wavy hair, hand-picked and chipped at the back.To complete and can give a special flair to the hair pin grid or veil.The image of the elegant, feminine and femme fatale in a retro style, you are guaranteed.